Monday, May 11, 2009


A few weeks ago, Stephanie, her brother Michael, and I were down at Moore Square on a beautiful Monday afternoon. Right as we were about to leave, we ran into one of our friends, Roddrick. Roddrick is perhaps the happiest homeless man in all of Raleigh. He loves Stephanie's dog, always has a giant smile on his face and always has a hilarious story to tell. On this afternoon he was telling us how he had spent the day at the park just enjoying how beautiful it all was. He was so very excited about the whole thing.

"What did you do at the park all day, Roddrick?" We asked.

"It was so beautiful. I sat down and drew a picture."

"Oh really. What did you draw a picture of?"

"A gopher! I love gophers. Like in Caddy Shack." He started wiggling around like the dancing gopher in the movie.

"What'd you do with the picture?"

"Wait, I still have it." He started digging through his bag and low and behold:

What in the world? We all cracked up at the site of his drawing and Roddrick even posed like the gopher in the picture. He signed it and gave it to Stephanie as a gift and it now sits on my refrigerator. Quality.


Steph said...

who doesn't love a gopher?! hilarious!

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