Monday, April 13, 2009

Guatemala Trip

I got to spend an amazing spring break in Guatemala visiting my friend Leah and delivering paintings for Painting Lemonade. I brought down almost 200 portraits, painted by American high school students, and delivered them to the children of La Limonada. It was an incredible experience and a wonderful week.

A huge thanks to all the students and teachers who participated in Painting Lemonade. I hope to make it a reoccurring project. The children were mesmerized by their portraits, as were their parents. When I first walked into a shanty home in La Limonada, the first thing I saw was a Painting Lemonade portrait up on the wall that had been delivered earlier this year. An awesome sight and an incredible gift.


Ricky Caldwell said...

brMr.Waluk!!First i must say,welcome back.Thank you Chris for all you have done for me,my brothers and sister of the M-Square and the world.You're truly one bad ass man,oh!!and a cool teacher.Hey!!!did you get a sun tan?You can't get as dark as me,or maybe so either-way you'll always be my brother.

Littlefoot Estrada said...

Another amazing experience chalked up to Waluk! You are an inspiration and I'm glad you were able to enlighten others lives!!

Keep up the good Godly work!