Friday, December 5, 2008

News From Our Shoes

As time goes on, I am realizing that more and more of my friends are homeless. Not that my friends are losing their homes, but I am spending a lot of time chumming around with guys who live out on the streets. It sometimes makes me cringe when people call these friendships part of my ministry. These guys have become my friends and they are part of the life I am enjoying very much.

There are some remarkable people who stay down at the shelter. I wish more people would get to know some of them, as there is so much to learn from some of these guys. I'm really enjoying how Ricky's story is coming along. If you haven't been following it you should. I suggest reading the oldest post first and going through it backwards.


Another interesting website done by a homeless man is News From Our Shoes. Michael Watkins is a fascinating guy who is attempting to bring news relevant to the homeless to Raleigh. Michael has a vision of creating an entire news broadcast around this concept. Can you believe that? There's a man living down at the shelter with a website that gets about 1,000 hits a day, who wants to produce a television news broadcast. It sounds unbelievable, but he is closer to achieving this goal than you'd think.

I took some pictures to help these guys out. They are looking for close to $1000 in sponsorships in order to take some broadcasting courses. I could use a better camera, but I still think these are pretty good.


There is a meeting about Raleigh's 10 year plan to end homelessness on Thursday (12/11). It's at 9 AM down at the shelter. I'm debating whether or not I should take off work to go. There's a poll on the right margin of this page. Please chime in.


Sam Ed. said...

I think you should...well...because I invited you. Question...when can I meet Ricky?

Bill Cummings said...

Definitely. Take the day off. Great post and great photos of the guys.

Emily said...

Sweet photos, dude. You should teach my photography class!