Monday, January 26, 2009

My New Hero

Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich is my new hero. True story. I hope I see his face on every major press outlet for months. Step over Obama, Blago is my new poster child for the American politician. It's not the fact that he tried to sell a US Senate seat, or the fact that his language in front of his young children is enough to make Snoop Dogg blush, or even the grandeur of his PROceeding hair line. The reason I love Rob Blagojevich so much is that he is working very hard to destroy America's faith in it's leaders. Rather than do the rational thing, walk away and enjoy a peaceful life with Steve Bartman down in Florida, Blago is putting his face onto every media outlet he can and fighting this one to the very end. Brilliant.

Blago is a typical politician, and the more we see his face this week, the more Americans will realize how corrupt our system is. He may be a little more arrogant and corrupt than most, but this is just politics as usual. The job description of a politician is to gain power and control and then to maintain it. That's why we have people like Blago in our public offices. This is also why we will never see something like a Fair Tax ever pass into law because it would rip away a significant portion of the power our senators have over us. The simple truth is that our elected officials will always fight for themselves and the power of their office.

So I'm going to enjoy it while is lasts and I just hope ol' Blago's 15 minutes don't become a forgotten image of the past.


Sam Ed. said...

I'm mad. On a lot of levels. We shall talk. ;)

Amy said...

I love it!
you state, "The simple truth is that our elected officials will always fight for themselves and the power of their office," and I agree.

so here is a reply on my own blog to a question a few weeks ago, I thought it worth posting here.

"I don’t quite know where to begin. I have so much to say, both positive and negative, and for the sake of brevity I will change the topic to our president elect and say that … I think that I think … that he is a great politician, gifted at saying the exact right thing at the exact right moment. He makes statements in a way that they cannot be argued with, and does it all with an intoxicating grace and charisma. Who would not agree with a message of hope? But hope is not the end, it has to be rooted in something or someone.

So what is it I ask that we are supposed to be hoping in? The man of our president elect? Humanity, that we will just all of a sudden learn to do the right thing? The government, to change our lives? I highly doubt any of those will really do me much good.

I talked with a friend last week about this idea of hope and how it is contagious. She suggested that it is a good thing, that it is raising people’s spirits, and bringing smiles to faces usually overcome by desperation. Sometimes I agree, I want to agree, I want to hope… but I have to wonder what happens tomorrow? It almost feels like this idea of hope, and it’s intoxicating powers was used to manipulate people to win an election. He’s smart and cunning. He found those sore spots on both the right and the left, those places people are sick of, those issues the general public is ready to see change, and I don’t think it really mattered what the change was, as long as it is change. Hope is a deep spiritual thing, and he played perfectly into the emotions of people across the board. He is also polarizing - those with power don’t like him because he threatens to take it away, and those without any power love him because he promises to give them some. I fear that the president elect is all smoke and mirrors, and that we are in store for a great let down. I fear that power will be taken away from those who currently possess it, but that it will not be given to the poor, it will simply be transferred to those doing the taking. I truly HOPE that I will be proven wrong.