Sunday, March 21, 2010

They Paved Paradise

This spot along historic Blount Street troubles me. It's great that Raleigh has put up these historic landmark signs, but when they uncover the fact that an historic landmark was replaced by a vacant parking lot, it just makes me sad. From what I understand, the Capital district on the North side of downtown was once filled with old Victorian homes before the state bought the land and tore down most of these houses in order to build large government buildings. In recent times there has been an effort to preserve some of the history of this area, with the focus on Blount Street. Several old houses have been moved and opened to the residential market, but I do not know of anyone who lives on this section of Blount other than Bev Perdue. I hope the Blount Street revival is a success and if I only had a few million dollars I would surely move into one of these antique homes.

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