Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going to South Africa

Or at least it looks that way at the moment. The Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program just proposed an exchange for me outside of Johannesburg, South Africa for the calendar year of 2010. The proposal is not final yet, as both parties and schools have to finalize the agreement, but the chances of me going to South Africa are very high at the moment.

Unlike most traditional calendar exchanges, the South African exchange is on their school system's year round schedule. This is a huge plus for my travel possibilities throughout the region. 11 weeks in school followed by 3 weeks vacation. I believe this will give me three 3 week vacations while I'm there. I've already got my heart set on Cape Town for at least one of these trips. I've also got my heart set on traveling via motorcycle. The area around Sasolburg is full of endless weekend trips that I plan on taking full advantage of.

It's only March, and if all goes well, I'll still be here till January. I am very excited nonetheless. I'm going to begin my South African reading list though, starting with Nelson Mandela's autobiography. If I ever make it through that, I'll take your other suggestions. I'm also going to download some more Hugh Masekela and get more more SA in the Ipod as well. Wow Africa!


Sam Ed. said...

I've already extended my I'm excited about your reading list. Nelson Mandela's auto-biography changed my life. Really. Can we talk about it as you read? Holy excited for your excited for you to read that excited to come visit!

Chris said...

yeah, cape town pretty much kicks ass, there's no getting around it. the roads in south africa are pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

very excited for you!!!!! want me to help plan the yard sale? :)

Chris Marlow said...

hey man,
I have some great connections in Cape Town. My friend Steven (from Raleigh) lives there and does development work.

Also, I know some locals in a village 2 hrs from Jo'burg!

BTW-Congrats, that sounds fun!


Anne said...

I'm thrilled for you! South Africa changed my outlook on the world... you may fall in love with another place. Ive got a book too but don't remember the title - traveling now but will look it up when I get home. Congrats!