Sunday, September 14, 2008

Going Bald At 30

30 years came with a bang. It happened to be yearbook picture day at work and license renewal day in my wallet, so I decided to do it up right. I believe the picture says it all. I welcome my new state of maturity and I had a great time with my friends celebrating this monumental occasion.

So what’s causing my hair to fall out? He’s the memo I’m sending out to all my co-workers on Monday morning. I’ll let you know how it all works out…or falls out for that matter.

Four Hundred For Francis

September 15th, 2008

Dear 2nd Block Teachers,

Francis is a young man in Northern Uganda with a dream to become a doctor. He is the younger brother to one of my dear friends and since last spring he has become pen pals with one of our own students, Erin Berry. Erin, along with the Invisible Children club and myself have committed to helping Francis fulfill his dream by providing a scholarship to put him through medical school. In order to do this we need to raise $400 by Friday.

Francis has been interviewed as a part of an upcoming documentary on the situation in Northern Uganda. You will have the opportunity to briefly meet Francis this week as we show highlights from his interview on the morning announcements.

The Invisible Children Club met last week, and addressed the question of, “how are we going to get this money by next Friday?” The consensus was that people would pay to see me shave off my beautiful, masculine, curly hair. My response was, “If you can get Francis into school, I will gladly shave my head.” So if the money comes in by the end of the school day this Thursday, my head will be shaved on Friday’s edition of the Trojan Vision.

I ask you to please encourage your second block classes to give to “Four Hundred For Francis”. You can send the money to me in room 207 and I will keep a daily tally for each class participating. The class that raises the most money will receive a very special prize; a bracelet from Uganda made by Francis himself for each student! These bracelets will arrive in October, and their sale is expected to help pay for Francis’ future years of education.

Any money in excess of this semester’s tuition bill will be used to pay for Francis’ winter semester and anything beyond that will go to the Schools for Schools campaign to help a high school in Northern Uganda.

Thank you so very much for your help.

Chris Waluk
Rm 207


Amy said...

well written :)

Bill Cummings said...

I can see the curly locks on the floor already!

Chris said...

I'd contribute just to see that - I certainly hope you're going to bic it as well.

Sam Ed. said...

ohhh, the things teachers will do...